Child Education – A Pathway to Success

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
Today the world needs multi talented people to achieve any goal. And to become all rounder the base is education. It is very important to educated a child as children are the saplings which can be nourished with proper nutrients till it become a tree and education is the root of all saplings success.
It is well said by the Albert Einstein that education is something which remains when everything learnt in school is forgotten.
Education does not mean availing good marks in any examination. Education means acquiring knowledge and skills which enhances the harmonious personality. Even the India's honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi (master of developing India) focuses lot on the child education and he emphasized on skilled India. Well said by Modi “Our education system shouldn’t produce robots, there has to be overall personality development”. Children must get skills in their schools, so that it will help them in securing a better livelihood.
Mahatma Gandhi focused on the fact that kids must be imparted with vocational education, which is a better way to learn and know the things.

Importance of Child Education
Early childhood is the very crucial stage of a child were they develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Since the time, when child is in mother’s womb, learning process takes place. In early stage of life children are active to learn new things easily and finds pleasure in doing hands on activities. Its important to take care of the child in tender age at home as well as in school. As a child grows, its important to train them with the skills in the schools. Education is necessary because
  • It gives feeling of fullness—a quality education teaches all kind of things to maintain healthy life.
  • If you are educated there is hope for economic development of the society and nation.
  • Development of feeling of respect and building a character which will help maintaining good lifestyle.
  • There is hope for creating a spirit of self dependence.
  • If you are skilled then we can be self employed in the field of specialization.
Types of education
Imparting quality education is the demand of this scenario, so there are two types of education
  • Formal education:
It is organized guided by curriculum leads to recognized credential such as high school completion, diploma or a degree and it is recognized by government. Well qualified teacher are appointed to teach in formal education system.
  • Informal Education
It takes place outside the classroom. Informal education is the wise, respectful and spontaneous process of cultivating learning. It works through conversation and the exploration and enlargement of experience. Informal education refers even to emotion, feeling, believes and values. It emphasizes on self learning. A situation where children can spontaneously explore and enlarge experience and make changes. There is free choice of child to learn anything.
As a teacher we need to impart both types of education to enhance our education system.

My views on education:
What I feel is, educating a child means to facilitate with the opportunities, resources and proper guidance in which children should feel free to do anything with autonomy. It is teacher's responsibility to guide children in such a way that the skill which is to be inbuilt in them in school life should make them responsible, passionate, dedicate, skillful, creative, empathetic, focused to there respective field of life.

21st century is an era of modern education. As a responsible facilitator we must be focused to educate child so that his/her overall personality is upgraded day by day. We should also teach them in keeping in mind that children are the future of every nation, and should impart qualities in them so that they can say on every day, they are becoming better than yesterday. At last I will conclude my wordings said by Fred Rogers, a famous T.V. Personality “Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me”.

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