How to Generate Effective Joyful Learning in the Classroom?

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
Hi, to all my bystanders I am going to talk about how to inculcate joyful learning in children. Would like to start with the beautiful lines –
"Learn something skillful which will help you to earn"
This era is of education which imparts skills and knowledge. Education needs some revolution and joyful learning is one of the tool to regenerate it among the youths of today.

The idea of joyful learning comes to my mind, as seeing the students are becoming active learner, rather than passive recipients of information. If the child is provided the opportunity to explore, by their own and provided an optimum learning environment then the learning becomes joyful and long lasting. Joyful learning represents more effective way to teach and learn traditional content.
According to Simone Weil
“The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is to running”
Now let’s scroll down for some ways to create joyful learning in the classroom.
  • Joyousness in learning
Learning occurs when there is interest. It happens with the adult also. When we show interest in doing the work then we tempt to learn the process much better. Same thing happens with the children, if children are interested to learn then only those age appropriate topics must be introduced. When children focus on any topic with their inner most interest then they will find pleasure in learning and then that pleasure reading will turn into joyful learning which they will relate later on.
  • We can teach through music and rhythm
Music is omnipresent in nature. Music affects our feelings and energy level. As we listen to the music we start tapping our feet, we create desired moods, we enjoy that moment, we start dancing. Music is a powerful tool to create a lively classroom. We need to set the scene and learning atmosphere to enhance the teaching and learning process much interesting with lot of fun. The teacher can orchestrate the classroom environment that is lively and provide students with an opportunity to learn.  If we adopt music in our teaching process then it will strengthen the listening power as well as pronunciation of the children. Songs, chants, poems, and raps will improve memory facts and details through rhythm, rhyme, and melody.
  • Give choice to students
We as a teacher give ample of choices to students to grasp the opportunity provided. Children need lot of choice in their study material to compete each other. When choices are more then we explore more in relation to that topic. They will discover new things.
  • Give opportunity to create things
Creativity is considered as immeasurable natural ability. Students who are involved in the process of creating by their own have a better understanding of the concepts. You can create a classroom that recognizes creativity. Creativity improves skill of the child.
  • Show off students work
Displaying the work of children makes the learning process more lively, as they read each others article, compare them, get information, realize their mistakes and gain more motivation to do better in their performances and helps to improve in academics as well as in non-academics.
  • Read good books
We as a teacher should motivate children to read good books as it build our vocabulary, teaches moral values, helps in building our character, gaining information.
  • Holistic Learning
Holistic learning is to find identification of oneself, knowledge of life and existence as a pupil. Holistic learning means more democratic and humanistic types of learning. It also focuses on experiential learning and their application in daily life in the learning environment.
  • Teaching as joyful experience
Teacher can share his/her own experience of learning as a student with the children through joyful learning in the classroom. It’s an opportunity to share our experience with children which made us learning the concepts easily in an enjoyable manner. Teacher plays an important role in discovering joyful learning, even the best curriculum and syllabus remains dead unless quickened into life by the right method of teaching and the right kind of teachers. Teacher must interact with the students as it helps to develop their personality, their standards of working habits, judgment and decision making, their intellectual and emotional apparatus, their behavior and values. Teacher is like a role model for the children, so teachers can more effective in teaching things in a joyful manner.

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