How Integrated Learning System in the Classroom can be Incorporated?

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
Are you aware of integrated learning system? If not, here we are sharing some thoughts regarding integrated learning system. Integrated learning is combining what you learn in and outside the classroom, whether it’s practical or theoretical contents. Integrated Learning system has enhanced the children and it has also helped the students to explore their imagination beyond their level. Integrated learning is a movement towards integrated lessons, helping students makes connections across their curriculum. Project based learning will make children more active and productive. There are major factor of integrated learning system they are:
  • Teacher can be computer oriented and well skilled at operating computer.
  • We need to be highly interactive with the children.
  • Always give feedback to students to increase their understanding power.
  • Integrated learning system regulates student’s progress.
Through integrate basis of learning there are so many learning outcome for the students. The learning outcomes are listed below:
  1. Through integrated learning system retention power increases.
  2. It also helps in increasing understanding power in children.
  3. Children also emphasize more on application of general concepts.
  4. Decision making ability increases.
  5. Critical thinking is developed through integral learning.
  6. Children start presenting their work creatively.
  7. In integral learning system there is all round development of the child.
  8. Children also understand the moral values behaviors, manners and etiquettes.
  9. They gain knowledge beyond the disciplines.
  10. Enhanced ability to identify assesses and transfer significant information needed to solve any problems.
  11. Increases motivation to do better in academics as well as in non-academics.
  12. It promotes group learning and better attitude towards oneself as a learner and as meaningful member of a group.
Integrated learning in the classroom incorporates multiple subjects, which are usually taught separately in an interdisciplinary method of teaching. The aim is to help children remain engaged in developing multiple skills and experiences.
Let’s get an illustration to see, how integrated learning takes place in project approach method.
“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Through action, or activities we can very easily make our integrated learning easier for children.
Through cooking activities we can connect all the subjects together to understand all things through one activity. Cooking activity can be taken once in a month with every project. In cooking we collect all the ingredients, then we can discuss about the ingredients in details. While discussion, children develops listing power and they enhance their vocabulary by knowing new words and terminology. Have you ever thought of connecting history with the cooking activity? We can relate cooking to history by telling the children about importance of recipes in the ancient times .We can connect   After discussion we start the process of that recipe. While cooking, the process of making that particular recipe, children relate it to science subject. After discussion we measure all the ingredients with the help of weighing machine relating it to Math, and we can also analyze how math is involved in cooking.
We can also relate geography with cooing activity by asking the children about the places where these ingredients mostly grown. Some questions can be asked on the basis of highest producing places, and then locating those places on map will be lively for the children. Children will enjoy the hands on practical activity and they will learn many things with the help of teacher. Through this activity we can relate all the subjects in a better way to reach competency. The mind of a child is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled and that is possible through integrated learning system.

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I hope you will understand my point, through this article. It is truly said “Change is the end result of all true learning”. So integrated learning will definitely bring a change in existing education system. That’s all, if you would like to see changes in our existing education system, then do share this article using below sharing buttons. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, use our comment form below. Thanks for reading the article.

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