Pedagogical Approaches in Early Childhood

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
I welcome you all to my blog As you see the title of the blog, it will help you in acquainting different ways of teaching and learning process. Hi, this is Bharati Thakur, the founder of this blog. As you see this is my first post over the blog, so today, I want to start from some important base for early childhood development and education in a child centered school. In this post we will talk about pedagogical approaches. Let’s start from meaning of pedagogy..
What is Pedagogy?
Pedagogy is the method of teaching. Every child learns in their own way of learning so there are ample of ways for the teachers to teach. In today’s scenario teaching learning process has lot of useful resources and methods in their surroundings to teach a child. There is not only one strategy to teach as efficient teachers use lot many methods to make a child understand the concept.

Need of pedagogy:
It is important to know why pedagogy is needed. Well as a teacher we must know which strategies to be used for different children how it is to be implemented.

Method of teaching:

  • Open ended instruction-if a teacher has asked one question in the class so there can be different answers to one question and teacher must accept all answers from the children.
  • Experiential learning-as a teacher we must provide practical learning in the classroom because a child learns when they do the things with their hands.
  • Co-operative learning-learning with small groups is a joyful way of teaching.
  • Assessment & evaluation-analyzing the performance through reviews, worksheets, diagnostic tests. Teachers can capture formative and summative information about students learning performance
  • Peer teaching-children get an opportunity to learn from their friends and they also like to share their ideas with their peers as a teacher. When a child interacts with others they increase confidence level.
  • Case studies- it is a thorough study of real situation of a child that can be used to examine the concepts, behavior in authentic context.
  • Interdisciplinary learning- there is many opportunities which can be for learning from the subjects like Maths, English, Science, Social studies.
  • Values clarification-students are given opportunities to clarify their beliefs and values. Manners and etiquettes can be taught in the classroom as a main concept as it is base of education.

Pedagogy practices in classroom:
Today every school focuses on quality education and it can be only gained through effective teaching and effective teaching depends on pedagogical approaches. In child centered education system teacher acts like a facilitator to provide free environment to learn new things by their own. The teacher can only give quality education if he/she is totally involved with the children.
Children must get such opportunity in the classroom where they construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and acting on those experiences. As a teacher we need to provide an open platform to the children where they are free to express their ideas, creativity, and imagination.

We can take children to the nature study, where they can integrate the surrounding to the classroom study. In schools project approach must be followed, as it helps to integrate the learning process. Through pedagogical approach we can mold the children to become integrated learner.
A wide variety of teaching strategies are important to develop effective methods of teaching to impart quality education. Children learn best when the environment around them is supportive and productive.
The learning environment promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation.

Maybe, you might have already opted these methods and pedagogical approaches before but what I think is, through pedagogical approach, we can bring new changes in our education system, by applying best of best teaching and learning methods for our children, as today’s children are the future of our nation.
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