How Time Management can Ease your Pain

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
Hello everyone, today I am here with a new article related to “Time Management for Students”. First of all I want to break up your misconception that we can manage time, you can’t manage time but you can manage yourself in relation to time. Through this article I will tell you all how to take advantages of your time so you can be more effective in your work.
These days’ people want to do many work but they are in a doubt: “how to manage the time”. Time never stops, may be this is the reason why first clock was invented in shape of a circle. God has created only 24 hours in our lives to do these jobs. We need to learn some techniques on how to work effectively and efficiently to capture our most valuable possession. Dear guys, life is very short for those who want to live it, so in this short period of time we need to manage our time effectively as there are minimum opportunities in our life to grab. Only a few of us may grab these opportunity, otherwise most of the people may not use these opportunity to the highest due to less effective time management techniques.
Peoples, who have a sense of control over their lives, are much happier and confident than those who feel out of control in their working habits. A big part of achieving that sense of control is learning the strategies on how to manage the time.

Managing Your Precious Time:
What you see depends on what you thought before, so first of all:
1. Guide your mind on what you wish to experience.
2. Visualize your positive behavior on how you do things in the time allowed.
3. Set the intention – Pay attention – Experience low tension.
Time Matrix:
Follow these priority in order to to get advantages for effective results:
  • Types of Work:
  1. Important
  2. Urgent
  3. Non-Urgent
  4. Non-Important
  • Priority of Work:
  1. Important And Urgent Work
  2. Urgent And Non-Important Work
  3. Important And Non-Urgent Work
  4. Non-Urgent And Non-Important Work
Plan To Accomplish Your Critical Activities:
  1. Create a plan: We need to think about the plan and create it.
  2. Define your critical tasks: Here defining means to categories your works as “priority order of works” given above in this article.
  3. Determine what activities accomplish the critical task:
    • "Result = Activity × Effectiveness"
    • If your activity is zero then your effectiveness may be high, but the result will be zero (nothing). Accordingly do the activities required for your critical task with great effectiveness then you will definitely get the required result.
  4. Manage your environment: We need to look at our environment to ensure it is structured to support your critical task to accomplish.
  5. Communicate your priorities.
  6. Be accessible on your terms: We have to be accessible but within boundaries.
  7. Make a conscious decision to change your time management habits and commit to it.
Time is just like a flux, which is a continuous movement and always changes. We can’t say that 06:15:30:45 AM, 12 January, 2017 will repeat again in our life. Time exists, yet time flies away. If time is the aircraft which flies away, then you become the pilot of that aircraft. If time is inevitable change which never stops, then you become the change maker of that revolution. You are the only pilot of your longest journey (life), so it’s better to give attention in becoming a good and artistic pilot and have best experience in your travelling till your aircraft crashes (death comes). This is how you can understand the “Importance of Time Management”.

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