Best Ways to Integrate Technology in Child Education

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
Technology is inescapable part of students’ life. Many schools, houses have connected computers with internet facility. There is a wide availability of new and emerging technology tools that can assist teacher in making teaching much easier and much more fun. Integrating technology has become very important in today’s scenario as technology is used in almost all the fields. Educational technology refers to the use of physical hardware and educational theories. It assists in the communication of knowledge and its development.
Technologies have become a tool for students and teachers to learn new things or acquire different knowledge. It changes learning style of children. Children stay engaged in their work if they are provided with computers. It becomes happier place for the students. Children get most up to date information quickly on a single tap.
Technology should not replace teachers. Its main use is to enable children learning better in their classroom and it will help the child individually to increase the grade. It becomes happier place as children enjoy using tech. Children will get to know about the processing, application of tech.

Virtual classroom:
  • Virtual classroom is online learning method in class that allows children to communicate to each other.
  • Children can share their ideas through presentation or video clippings can interact with each other and can do work in group to complete the given task.
  • In V.C we can see time video and listen audio.
  • There is a facility of synchronous learning. In this children and teacher connect and interact with each other in same time duration.
  • This is good way to ask question directly to teacher and get answers. It becomes interesting and lively for students.
  • We can also record the lecture of that session.
Smart Classes:
  • We can improve education through technology in smart classes. Smart classes are technology enhances classroom that produce opportunity for teaching and learning technology.
  • It requires computers software listening device networking.
  • Smart class is a technique of teaching in easiest way by using technology to help the child in under station.
  • It helps the teachers to access the multimedia content and information that can be used to teach in effective manner.
  • In their method, there is screen on the wall, and projector is fixed on the roof.
  • It works like a computer board.
  • Online grading system.
School can give facility of grading system online.
In this system parents can directly view grades, attendance, profile and homework, parents can be provided with a username and password so that it will be easy for parents to check all the details of child and children can also view their performance graph.

These days many children love to spend time using computers and mobiles. There are lots of option by which a child can learn and entertain themselves such as playing Learning Games on computer and using educational apps on smart phone. They can also use the Internet facility to cover up their school syllabus or explore to the world. Educational apps are a great fun way to keep children learning beyond the classroom. Below we have some best educational apps for kids by which they can enjoy by learning many things beyond their syllabus. These apps are free to download and use:

Best Education Apps for Kids that will Help them to Develop Critical Thinking

1. Educational Games for Kids – Play Store
This app will help your kids to learn alphabet ,numbers, shapes, colors,days of the week,months of the year,planets of our solar system,space and a lot.

2. Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game – Play Store
This app is best for pre-schoolers as it helps to learn alphabet and numbers in five different languages including English. With the help of this app a child can learn animals sound through animation and special effects.

3. Kindergarten Kids Learning – Play Store
Another kids learning apps is very similar to those two apps. It also helps your kids to learn things through colorful effects and design that may attract a child. 

I hope you like these techniques, how to incorporate technology in child education. However, a facilitator must be there with the children while using computer or mobile, especially with Internet connectivity. There should be time limit while using these technologies as it hampers time and there is harmful impact on eyes. It is advisable not to use more than 3 hours in a day.

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