How can Study Skills Support your Learning in your Daily Routine?

Posted by: Bharati Thakur
The ability to do something well is called skill. In today’s time we need to be skillful, efficient in our work. We can be skillful only through smart learning. Study can be a major problem for students as they are engaged in so many co-curricular activities. Generating time for study can be challenging as children are attending school and try to adjust to their new classes. Below are some best study skills tips which you can implement for developing effective study skills. These effective study skill strategies will surely help you to develop good study habits.
How can Study Skills Support your Learning in your Daily Routine?

Habits which should be inbuilt inside students:

There are habits which can be inbuilt in the character of children improve their study skills. Some of the habits are as follows:
  1. Students must have enough sleep so that they feel relaxed while studying.
  2. There must be positive attitude towards study.
  3. Develop a schedule to study effectively. Make schedule for time in which you do not study, and then it will be more effective.
  4. To be competence, you need to be organized in your working habits.
  5. If you prefer peer group learning, then that is also a best option. Develop good study group.
  6. You need to focus on interested area of your study. More is the interest in subject, the more you study then you will have skillfulness activity.
  7. Review your notes of whole day, whatever you have read, and repeat it regularly.
  8. Try to pen down whatever you understood from the text because when we write we memorize the thing more easily and quickly.
  9. If you have talent show your capability by smartness in your work.
  10. Many students have their own way of studying. Define your own way in which you are most compatible and happy.
  11. Develop critical reading skills so that your reading efficiency increases.
  12. SWOT Analysis:
    • S-Strength: List out all the subjects in which you are strong in order.
    • W-Weakness: List out all the subjects in which you are weak in order.
    • O-Opportunity: Use time for your study in an appropriate manner as time is an opportunity for us.
    • T-Threats: Beware of threats like Television, Friends, Smart Phones, etc. 
  13. Give more time and attention to the subjects in which you are weaker than other.
  14. Give less time to the subjects in which you are strong enough than other. But don’t lose your attention.

How to improve concentration study skill:

  1. Set a study environment. It may be a private room, library (when free in school). There should be no scope of distraction.
  2. Be an active learner
  3. Be full of energy while studying as it is required for full concentration. For getting energy keep taking proper diet, nuts, snacks, water, etc.
  4. Clean and clear your study table. All things on the study table should be related to the subject you are studying currently.
  5. Unplug from unnecessary electronics. Be away from your mobile, computers, laptop, tab, television, if not required for study.
  6. Stick to a routine. Make a proper time table and keep it in front of your study table and follow it strictly.
  7. You can also do meditation to increase your concentration skill for 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. Think of an incentive. Before you start studying, you can think for a reward. For example after completing for 3 hrs you may have talk with your family members.
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